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We pride ourselves in putting our members first. Our goal has always been and
will always be to provide the best training and services for affiliate marketers.

"I have learned more from CTP in less than two months than from all the ebooks and training I grabbed in the last two years. Thanks all"


Claudia Zinck

"I think CTP is a Facebook for online business people if used the right way can bring many benefits to your online activities, so my daily suggestions for using CTP are 1, do one training video in the training tab. 2, add some friends from your dashboard or even from your profile. 3, check your CTP inbox and interact with your friends and downline, just basically be social in CTP."


Hitesh Sangani

"I totally love CTP the videos are the best I have came across and I was always wasting money on the latest and greatest get rich scheme, CTP is teaching me so much more and the friends I have made along the way are the best, its fun, social and educational so much that I plan to be here for the long run! "


Rhonda Bezzina

Your One Stop Shop For Affiliate Know-How

ClickTrackProfit is more than just a membership website, we are a community of
people that come together for the same goal, to make money online as an affiliate!
We built everything within the entire site based around this fact.

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In-Depth Training

We provide training that will help you go from 0-100mph with your affiliate business. And we are always adding more.

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The majority of affiliate training programs are actually quite boring... So we gamified the entire process!

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Owner Training

If you own or plan to own a website in the future, we provide in depth training and products to help you get started.

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The Gauntlet

Put on your thickest skin and get your lead capture pages rated and reviewed for quality and excellence.

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Scavenger Hunt

A little bit of fun, Luke the List Builder likes to travel. It is your job to find him.

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Badges have been one of the main features of ClickTrackProfit since we opened in 2010. They aren't going anywhere!

The Affiliate Process

We simplified affiliate marketing into three easy to follow steps.
With just these three, there is no limit to what you are capable of as an affiliate.

You need clicks
on your pages to
be able to make sales.


Tracking is the
most important key
success factor.


Sales drive us
to keep building
our businesses online.


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