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Nick Grimshawe | ngrimshawe K4
Currently I'm living in London Ontario for spring summer and fall. Then I escape to some sun destination to keep my bones warm during the winter. I am the owner of Learn with Nick a site to help you maximize your efforts at Click Track Profit

And Beautiful Summer Morning. a site devoted to personal development and spirituality. You can sign up for my weekly newsletter at the site.
I also keep a blog related to online marketing My Blog

I'm here to help so connect with me on Skype. My id is nicknick90

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Kathy Clark 2 months ago.  0 
Hi Nick, how do I update my profile?

Riaz Ullah 9 months ago.  0 

Clementh Martin Baroi 1 year ago.  0 
Thanks for adding me.... Have a Wonderful Day!

bambang kristanto 1 year ago.  0 
Have a great great day Nick

Myra PC 2 years ago.  0 
Thanks for stopping by Nick :)

Aymane Bouisaghouane 2 years ago.  0 
Thank you Nick :)

Lena Jonsson 2 years ago.  0 
Thanks for the friendzy

Steven Schofield 2 years ago.  1 
Hi Nick.

Rip Van Sky 2 years ago.  1 
Please, keep doing it!

Nick Grimshawe2 years ago  1
You got Rip

Carl Davies 2 years ago.  1 
Thank You Nick for all the awesome goodies. :)

Wendy Scott 2 years ago.  1 
Hi Nick and you are very welcome. Wendy

bambang kristanto 2 years ago.  1 
Hi, my old friend Nick. Hope the Best to you, bro :)

Nick Grimshawe2 years ago  1
Love it bro

Brenda Broyles 2 years ago.  1 
Hey Nick good to see ya...... I have coffee anytime u want it just come on by......

bambang kristanto 2 years ago.  0 
Have a good day and Thanks Nick !

Adam Brockie 2 years ago.  0 
Thanks Nick !!

christine thake 2 years ago.  0 
Hi nick, i am not doing so well have you joined THW Global.com i dont seem to be able to ad the THW Global Website Name it won't go through

Shelayne Fico 2 years ago.  0 
Congrats Nick on your 6th Jackpot win!

Stephen Hall 2 years ago.  0 
i am not happy with today scoring i got 1000 badge daily 7 vauls and score it 2 go figure no wonder we can'r win any of these games i'm doing subs after lunch see if it improves otherwise i'mcomplaining to ctp unfair scoring procedure :-(

Nick Grimshawe2 years ago  1
Steve. Wow.

Stephen Hall 2 years ago.  0 
what i don't get it, they copy other promotions like yessurf and mysurfbiz nothing new but the titles.. remonds me of tv quiz show originally from england show up on our networks a new show lol

Stephen Hall 2 years ago.  0 
hi Nick i need help setting up buddy press do you have any info on it? here is my site need two member areas http://stevesbusiness.net

Nick Grimshawe2 years ago  1
Liked your blog. I reconnected with you through Skype.

Stephen Hall 2 years ago.  0 
PS found out about kings and pineers in the service area of ctp writeup tell all about it but it's nowhere else to be found by newbees....

Stephen Hall 2 years ago.  0 
your profile looks much better now thank you for listening to your students now experts we help eachother well

Stephen Hall 2 years ago.  0 
i don't know if you've see mt ad yet but here it is again http://www.adkreator.com/squeezepagehit.php?bid=167938&sp=Y i use an NLP technique being positive saying uplifting thoughts not like the other who state you are not going to make money! sound bad to me already...LOL

Stephen Hall2 years ago  1
pps: your profile needs fixind all i get is 404 errors on your links check mine out: http://clicktrackprofit.com/profile/videomemo it all works ...

Stephen Hall2 years ago  1
think back to your bb code lession on your training blog you should be the first to show others how to d theirs right...

Nick Grimshawe2 years ago  1
I will check and see what happened to it. It was working. Thanks for the heads up Steve.

Nick Grimshawe2 years ago  1
Okay all fixed. Not sure how the links got messed up.

Kelley Insana 2 years ago.  0 
Thank you for the badge Nick!

Anne Bergman 3 years ago.  0 
Thanks for the friendzy Nick

Anne Bergman 3 years ago.  0 
Thanks for the friendzy

Lena Jonsson 3 years ago.  0 
Thanks for the badges

Anne Bergman 3 years ago.  0 
Thanks for the friendzy Nick

Lena Jonsson 3 years ago.  0 
Thanks for the friendzy

Robert Shannon 3 years ago.  0 
Way to go Nick!

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