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December 2017




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Budi Siregar SP | impianclub
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Good luck.
Budi S, Admin ImpianClub.com

gifted you 1 badges.. 7 months ago
Budi collected 1 badges.. 7 months ago

Patsy j Payne 3 years ago.  4 
Helo Budi Welcome to our team. Anything we can dot o help U .. Remember we are relationship and friendship etc...

Budi Siregar SP3 years ago  5
ok, thanks. Good luck.

Patsy j Payne 4 years ago.  4 
Hi Budi just sent U team request. No surfing requirement just building relationship...friendship etc...Come join us plz

Bob Sims 4 years ago.  4 
Good to see you on Click Track Profit.

Victoria Stein 4 years ago.  5 
Here's wishing you some Enchantment along the way!

LORNA HEATH 4 years ago.  5 
Removing you from my friends list Matey. I don't carry passengers now. Life's too short. I can't keep doing the work for two if you're not interested!! Bysie! Lorna x x x

sandi arianto 5 years ago.  4 

Dallas Landon 5 years ago.  4 
Budi, I just gave you your last badge to get your trophy. Enjoy Thats what friends do help each other.

Budi Siregar SP5 years ago  5
Thanks Mr. Landon. Good luck for u with CTP business.

Chris Wysocki 5 years ago.  4 
Hello Budi, thanks for connection..

chris asaah 5 years ago.  4 
Please can you help me set up my account to start surfing? thanks

Gatot Sapto Baskoro 5 years ago.  4 
dear my friend, please open my new blog.... i need your advice or opinion.....thank you and have a nice week end........ http://tech-rviews.blogspot.com/

Sandra Walker 5 years ago.  4 
Hello Budi thank you for been my friend at click track profit have a great weekend and happy surfing.

Dualberto Brito 5 years ago.  4 
Thanks Budi for being my friend at CTP's :)

Ivan Mertadiwangsa 5 years ago.  4 
wah2..udah jarang surfing ya..

erbi erwancoro 6 years ago.  4 
Bos bagaimana cara upload foto di CTP, thx

Rhonda Pizor 6 years ago.  4 
Thanks for accepting our friend request....Awesome profile page !! Very impressive :)

Fran Roe 6 years ago.  4 
dear sponsor, have 4 referral 's any suggestions

Nathanael Axel Angelo 6 years ago.  4 
I'm new around here can you help me? How to get badge?

Budi Siregar SP6 years ago  5
Hi Nathanael, thanks for your comments in my profile CTP. You get badges... plase surfing in CTP NerdSurf (Sweeva, ILoveHits, StartXChange, ThumbVu, etc). Rgds. ImpianClub.

Kevin Michaud 6 years ago.  4 
Have a great Easter...Enjoy family, friends and a time of new beginnings

Budi Siregar SP6 years ago  5
Thanks Kevin :)

David Irawan 6 years ago.  4 
congrats for one of the top referral !

Budi Siregar SP6 years ago  5
Thanks David for your comment in my profile CTP business. Good luck for u :)

Fran Roe 6 years ago.  4 
hi , have 2 referrals now fran

Budi Siregar SP6 years ago  5
Good luck fran... do promotion CTP consistently. Referrals will grow by itself. Rgds: ImpianClub.

Agus Ridwan 6 years ago.  4 

Budi Siregar SP6 years ago  5
Yess... Good luck for u mas Agus :)

Fran Roe 6 years ago.  4 
hi im in your downline and i need help, i made the adkreator and cant get it accepted in to the lessons. can u help http://www.adkreator.com/mybannerdetails.php?MemberBannerId=58942&BannerCategoryId=14

Budi Siregar SP6 years ago  5
Hi Mr Fran... Please learn back module Cetification Steps - Step 2. Good luck..!!!

Budi Siregar SP 6 years ago.  4 
My support team inside Indonesia (http://me.impianclub.com/?p=59) and outside of Indonesia (http://me.impianclub.com/?p=94). Thanks :)

sandi arianto5 years ago  5

Budi Siregar SP 6 years ago.  4 
Yes... Yes... Yes...!!! Today: 100 referrals total. Next month target referrals 150 referrals. Rgds: Me.ImpianClub.com

Asher Winata 6 years ago.  5 
Hi Budi, we just launched a new TE http://the-exchange-vault.com and have a promo tomorrow and Wednesday (Mar 6 - 7) together with TheTrafficDance. Come join us and have fun.

Budi Siregar SP6 years ago  5
Hi Asher W... Thank you for your comments on my CTP profile about TE http://the-exchange-vault.com. I'll learn first. Good luck...!!!. Regads: ImpianClub.com

Budi Siregar SP 6 years ago.  4 
My Splash Page -- http://www.adkreator.com/splashpagehit.php?bid=54331&sp=Y&tet=tg-93784

Kevin Michaud 6 years ago.  4 
sweet referral Have a superb day and share a laugh with someone

Budi Siregar SP6 years ago  5
Hi Kevin... Thanks for your comments in my profile CTP. Good luck for you Kevin. Rgds, ImpianClub.

Shane McCarthy 6 years ago.  4 
hey Budi doing good

Budi Siregar SP6 years ago  5
Thanks, Shange :)

Budi Siregar SP 6 years ago.  4 
My trackiing CTP business ---> http://trckrs.com/93785/

Geraldine Templeton 6 years ago.  4 
Budi you;,v been busy kepp up the good work. Geraldine Templeton

Budi Siregar SP6 years ago  5
Thanks.... Geraldine!!!
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