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Jerry Iannucci | housedawg K4

Jerry leveled up! 5 months ago
Jerry logged in 1 days in a row.. 5 months ago

Jacqueline Smith 7 months ago.  1 
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Jacqueline Smith 9 months ago.  0 
hello jerry

Rawslyn Ruffin 2 years ago.  0 
Hello Jerry, you are my Sponsor here at ClickTrackProfits. Just thought I'd give you a shout and say "Hi!". My About Me page isn't as awesome as yours yet, but then I've only been here about a week, so... I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! - Rawslyn CTP=stealthwonder

Giuseppe Lanzara 3 years ago.  0 
Hello Jerry Thank You

Giuseppe Lanzara 3 years ago.  0 
Thank You Jerry

Scott Rohn 3 years ago.  0 
Congrats on The Jackpot Jerry

Giuseppe Lanzara 4 years ago.  0 
Thank You, Jerry

Sharmila Parte 4 years ago.  4 
Thanks for the badge :-) Have a great week.

Sylvester Shaw 4 years ago.  4 
Jerry, Thanks for the Badge :)

Jeffrey Shaw 4 years ago.  4 
Hi.. Thanks for the Badge :)

Nick Grimshawe 4 years ago.  4 
Thanks Jerry for the Badge

Nina ToVue-Abo 4 years ago.  4 
Hi Jerry, I just joined through the link you provided,thanks

Adam Brockie 4 years ago.  4 
Thanks for the friendzy Jerry, Happy New Year !!

Jolanthe Pedrotti 4 years ago.  4 
I would like to wish a Happy New Year! May all your wishes and dreams come true. Have a safe holiday and let's make 2015 the best year ever!

Adam Brockie 4 years ago.  4 
Thanks for the friendzy Jerry !!

Chris Patterson 4 years ago.  4 
Thanks for the Friendzy, Jerry! Happy Thanksgiving!!

James Baker 5 years ago.  4 
Jerry, Thanks for the Friendzy badge. Hope your day has been terrific.

Walter M. 5 years ago.  4 
Hey Jerry. How are you? Want to join my team? :-)

Richard Curran 5 years ago.  4 
Thanks Jerry for the gift have a great money making day my friend

Tony Calabrese 5 years ago.  4 
how can I steal from you?

Mary Golon 5 years ago.  4 
Thx bunches 4 the friendzy!

Mary Golon 5 years ago.  4 
Hi Jerry. Thx 4 the friendzy and happy surfing!

Michael Phillips 5 years ago.  4 
Hey Jerry, great to see you! Thank you for the FRIENDZY badge sir! Enjoy your day! :) :)

David Williams 5 years ago.  4 
Hello Jerry I have read every email from Mister Mailer in my inbox and have not received the badge is there anything I'm doing wrong? Thanks

Lynn M & Brian Cullen 5 years ago.  4 
Thanks for the Friendzy badge, Jerry! Hope you are having a good week & not freezing as much in St L as I am down here in TN! :D

Bob Sims 5 years ago.  4 
Good to see you on Click Track Profit

willet holdman 6 years ago.  4 
Congrats on you Jackpot, Jerry

Laura Godin 6 years ago.  4 
Congrats Jerry :)

Victoria Stein 6 years ago.  4 
How cool is that! Housedawg wins the Jackpot!

Tame Bear 6 years ago.  4 
Hey there, House Dawg, looks like you just completed your Birdies Game Card. Go check out your TROPHY! :)

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