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October 2017




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Remon Yau | carlitospepe
Happiness is everything what we need to live life in this world ;)
So I really appreciate your friendship and all the marvelous advice<3

Thank you for being here with me
and thanks for checking my profile

A new site I joined http://www.trafficattheraces.com/?rid=35080

http://surfer-sanctuary.com/?rid=2269 $$$
They are the best!!!

Remon collected 2 badges.. 10 hours ago
Remon logged in 9 days in a row.. 10 hours ago
gifted you 1 badges.. 10 hours ago

Cheryl Knighton 12 hours ago.  0 
Thank you so much for the badges, Remon

Remon collected 85 badges.. 12 hours ago
Remon shared 2 badges.. 13 hours ago
Remon shared 2 badges.. 13 hours ago
Remon shared 4 badges.. 13 hours ago
Remon shared 6 badges.. 13 hours ago
gifted you 2 badges.. 15 hours ago
gifted you 3 badges.. 22 hours ago

Christy Guynn 1 day ago.  4 
Thanks for the badge :)

Elsa F Garcia V 2 days ago.  4 
Hi Remon... Thank you for the miltiple game pieces... Very much apreciated!

Lori Drake 2 days ago.  3 
Thanks for the badges

Cheryl Knighton 3 days ago.  3 
Thank you so much for the badges, Remon!

Chris Hewitt-Sowell 3 days ago.  3 
thanks Remon for sharing a game card badge with me. much appreciated. happy surfing and earning.

Elsa F Garcia V 3 days ago.  4 
Hi Remon... Thank you for the gamepieces

Cheryl Knighton 4 days ago.  5 
Thank you so much for the badge! I hope you had a nice weekend! ,

wolfgang spieler 4 days ago.  5 
thx for the badges, have a great weekend

Wendy Scott 4 days ago.  4 
Hi Remon and thanks, Wendy

Anita Li 4 days ago.  3 
i have joined one of your link , traffic at race

Anita Li 4 days ago.  0 
hello Remon,you can take a look at this one minglecash.com/?ref=fa5a45

Cindy 1 week ago.  5 
Thank you

Rae Sheets 4 weeks ago.  4 
been doin good, holding my own! lots going on but keeps me out of trouble and busy! hope u r well!

Cheryl Fitzjohn 4 weeks ago.  0 
wow ty for the Badges

Roland Kupsch 1 month ago.  4 
Hi Remon, thanks for all the badges, much appreciated. Have a wonderful weekend and happy surfing my friend :)

1 month ago.  0 
Thanks for badge.

Elsa F Garcia V 1 month ago.  3 
Hi Remon... thank you for the badge much apreciated

Marlin Solli 1 month ago.  3 
Thanks for the badges. Hope all is well with you

charles david 1 month ago.  4 
Thank you for the trophy badges, my friend, and have a great week.

Dana Caministeanu 1 month ago.  5 
Thanks for the badge and have a new good week, Remon :)

Roland Kupsch 1 month ago.  9 
You are very welcome my friend, have a great weekend :)

Roland Kupsch 1 month ago.  4 
Hi Remon, you are very welcome my friend. And thank you for your support as well!

Rae Sheets 2 months ago.  4 
been awhile i know. lot has happened but is settling now! can get back online more now!

2 months ago.  0 
Thanks for badges.

Rae Sheets 2 months ago.  0 
ur welcome Carlos! hope all is well ur way!

Elsa F Garcia V 2 months ago.  0 
Thak you for the bdge Remon!

Wendy Scott 2 months ago.  0 
Thank you so much, Wendy

Richard Janson 2 months ago.  5 
Thank you Remon! :)

Cheryl Knighton 2 months ago.  4 
Thank you so much for the badges!

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