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angelina wojtowicz | angelina

Bob Sims 5 years ago.  4 
Good to see you on Click Track Profit.

Aurelio Martuscelli 6 years ago.  4 
Just wanna say hi :)

Roman Gorski 6 years ago.  4 
Thank You for All badges, Angelina. I wish you Happy and very Prosperous New Year,Wszystkiego Najlepszego w Nowym Roku dla Ciebie i Twojej Rodziny i Bliskich Roman

Chris Wysocki 6 years ago.  4 
Hello Angelina, thanks for connection..

Gatot Sapto Baskoro 7 years ago.  4 
Hold your laugh....?? http://video.staged.com/gatotsaptobaskoro/funny_commercial

Aurelio Martuscelli 7 years ago.  4 
Just wanna say "hi" Angelina :-)

cioarga luciana ruxandra 7 years ago.  4 
Hi Angelina, Congrats on Jackpot!

Steve Gitto 7 years ago.  4 
Hi Angelina, dropping by to say hi :D Congrats on reaching 1000 badges!

Rolando Mendez 7 years ago.  4 
WATCH WHAT EVERYONE'S TALKING ABOUT. Funny video! :0P http://uvioo.com/video/?m=Bareta NEW! Make money on facebook! Did you know that you can now make money when you share videos on facebook!

Roman Gorski 7 years ago.  4 
Happy Easter to you too Angelina i dla Twojego maluszka i calej Rodzinki, Wesolego jajka!!! i mokrego dyngusa

Efrain Sanchez 7 years ago.  4 
hi Angelina, just stopping by to say hi! :) Happy Surfing and thank you for accepting my Friendship. Regards, Efrain

Sunil Kumar Dash 7 years ago.  4 
Hi Angelina Hope you are doing great.Just stopped by to say again hi to you and your little cute monster,lol.Have a great day. Best wishes & regards Sunil

angelina wojtowicz7 years ago  5
Hi Sunil Yes, we are doing geat :) You know, my cute little monster getting on my nerves all the time ;) lol i have to check my profie more often ... i think im addicted to clicking cos i noticed im cooking simple meals so i have more time to be on ctp lol how are you? Have a lovely day :)

Roman Gorski 7 years ago.  4 
Dzien Dobry jek znasz polski

angelina wojtowicz7 years ago  5
dzien dobry Roman :) How are you? Moj polski nie jest zly, chociaz mowienie ciagle po angielsku nie pomaga :)

Roman Gorski 7 years ago.  4 
Welcome Angelina, and thank you for joining me on CTP. Happy surfing!

7 years ago.  4 
If I can assist I will just ask :))

Tame Bear 7 years ago.  4 
More about the Thief: http://www.tamebear.com/pages/?p=1245

7 years ago.  4 
I will PM you a refresher on how it works. You got it when you left a comment at Bears page as he had it at the time :))

7 years ago.  4 
G'day Angelina congrats on your first thief :))

Tame Bear 7 years ago.  4 
The Bear just sent you a token!

Steve Gitto 7 years ago.  4 
Angelina, yes i get the shakes too when i don't surf, Lol! Everything is great on my end! Take care and let me know if you need help with anything!

Steve Gitto7 years ago  5
Nice trophey, BTW!

Steve Gitto 7 years ago.  4 
Angelina, dropping by to say hi :) Hi:)

Tame Bear 7 years ago.  4 
Hi Angelina, hope you're having a fabulous day today!

Steve Gitto 7 years ago.  4 
Just remember that you don't have to rush this. Take a lesson from your baby - if you take baby steps you'll eventually get to your destination ;) Also, check your messages. I sent you a gift. It's not much but it will save you some time surfing the TE's! Enjoy!

Steve Gitto 7 years ago.  4 
Looks like you are moving right along! Keep up the great work Angelina!

Steve Gitto 7 years ago.  4 
My collection is small compared to others around here! Just be consistent and you'll get there! Very cute baby, BTW!

Steve Gitto 7 years ago.  4 
Nice badge collection!

David Irawan 7 years ago.  4 
nice profile photo

Agata Ɓukaszewska 7 years ago.  5 
Witaj coreczko:)

angelina wojtowicz 7 years ago.  4 
hi eveyone

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