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Vijyeta Parmar | vijyeta
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I am on a personal mission to help motivate and encourage people, to do well in life.

My passion comes from my great grandads dream, of seeing me do well to help people change their lives, by helping other peoples dreams come true and enhancing peoples ability of becoming entrepreneurs.

So therefore would like to build the biggest and best team that can pass on my teachings to our future generations too, and keep the cycle of knowledge moving. :)

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sadi zakaria 11 months ago.  0 
i am already member of this sight .you can try this they will pay nice https://wad.ojooo.com/register.php?ref=sadizakaria

Robert Shannon 12 months ago.  0 
Your Welcome!

Robert Shannon 12 months ago.  1 
Your Welcome!

Robert Shannon 1 year ago.  1 
your very welcome

Robert Shannon 1 year ago.  1 
Your welcome!

Vijyeta Parmar 2 years ago.  1 
**Follow me on youtube - Vij Motivation to help you power and helping you motivate your life for FREE.**

Dualberto Brito1 year ago  1
Hi Vijyeta, just go to gravatar.com to set your picture here and in all your tes. :)

Vijyeta Parmar1 year ago  1
Hi, thank you, I will do when I get some time on my hands. At the moment just trying to log in consistantly on a daily basis. Once I get the momentum hopefully will be able to get things moving. Thank you for telling me where to start, was looking for a direct upload button. :)

Dualberto Brito 2 years ago.  1 
Hi Vijyeta, all these badges come from SurfSkeleton.com If you are interested just send me a message through CTP :)

Vijyeta Parmar2 years ago  1
Hi, thank you for all the badges, that will be nice. I am totally new to it so i may need to go through how it works. Many thanks for the badges :)

Dualberto Brito 2 years ago.  0 
Thanks Vijyeta for being one of my friends at CTP's :)

Vijyeta Parmar2 years ago  1
Thank you for being my friend and giving me a badge too.
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