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"My name is Ryan M. and have Bachelor of Business Management at Champlain College, and have a minor in Prof. Writing. Self taught in many fields now! Hey fellow creative minds as mine, My name is Ryan Merrill, and live in Barre VT, grew up mainly on a farm and submerged in nature. Studied Bachelor of Business Management at Champlain College, and have a minor in Professional Writing yet over the years drifted to organic chemistry, poetry, music, and peace, as well as natural medicines rather than Rx. It is time for truth that nature works better – period!!! Reason being I believe those words are the key to POSITIVE change – it hits the raw culture of many societies and engages ethics. The power to succeeding in peace and positive thinking, helping others, self improvement, grief, communication and so on 🙂 Time to get creative, time to be me, time to just do what I love…I am great at it, and a new style to set a new path is what we need right now. I want to be the one who speaks the truth and stop worrying about criticism. Take it or leave it as everyone is …but, we are also all connected…thus Earth as one body, one entity with many orbitals of obstacles a waiting in the time. Time for debating and stop holding words in, it just separates us humans even more so, this can and is hurting many, time to separate the separation of human kind and gather the many. I sure miss those old days. Simple and simply love that is all it is. Friends, that is why the world is suffocating. LETS CHANGE THAT and reword the entire alphabet, and maybe lessen the swearing thus helping the next generation weigh out the problems and sober this chaos up. I am who I am. Follow your heart more, dance, be you, stand out, work on your downfalls, do not focus on what others think or say F them if they do not like you…time is short and as I always say time the gift the West really forgot of over the years. Think of the time spent driving, getting ready, bathing etc. etc. Over the years music has changed so much… Everything HAS NOT been done as many talk of to try to ruin your dream. Music, math, and Shamanism are all communicative tools I learned over the years growing up off the land. My gram is full blood Native American, and I am around half, but we are part of the Mohawk league of the 6 nations – Iroquois being the one that holds so much info showing how smart ‘Indians’ can be…and no I do not care what words anybody uses towards me- that is their issue. It comes and goes but I am happy with a simple life, un-possess many questions- as well as faces that look funny, laugh, and wake with no hangover, period! Nature, people and animals, art / music / writing, and natural medicine (more as well) can indeed positively change your life, make you want to learn. And even be good for many things. Lies lies lies from the ‘big’ dicks. Make own path and follow how you want – just use caution always – last follow your heart and for me it works like 75% of the time!!! Time to get to working on my ‘work’ room lol, got lots to do today, been up 2 days now lol, rest soon."
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