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"Hello, my name is Bob Caine.  I have been a member of CTP for many years  I drifted away from CTP and tried many other programs. But I finally learned that if didn't matter how much a program cost, all the training was basically the same and frequently less than what is available in CTP.

So after spending a lot of money on programs that didn't teach me anything new or different, I have returned to CTP.  I will follow the training and I know I will succeed.  (There is no better training value than CTP on the internet.) If I can complete the tasks in the Mastery training, I know I will have built a profitable business with evergreen products.

Completing the Mastery training is not easy and requires long term dedication.  Getting the required referrals and commissions will take time. I am committed to succeding with CTP training and methods.  Jon Olson is a wonderful teacher and provides great guidance.  I hope you are as committed to CTP as I am.

See you at the bank.
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