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Thomas Smitherman | tmas
Aspiring Internet Entrepreneur , Proud CTP Team We Are Family member , and former KORE4 member currently Based in fabulous Las Vegas.

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Jaweerplovacy JaweerplovacyKC 1 week ago.  0 
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Christy Guynn 3 weeks ago.  0 
Mama is searching for you...she wants to get you into the team chat on skype :)

Thomas Smitherman3 weeks ago  0
I don't have skype! (Yet!) Can I get it on my Android Tablet that I'm using now?

Dani Samuelne 3 weeks ago.  1 
Hello Thomas

Mark Manypenny 3 weeks ago.  1 
Welcome to "The Family" Thomas.....bringing any "showgirls" with you :D

Christy Guynn 3 weeks ago.  1 
Hi Thomas, just wanted to welcome you to WAF :)

We would like to welcome you to WAF May the excitement of today enthuse you, May its enchantment surround you , And may the fellowship that we share, create happy memories and smiling, magical moments.

Laura Godin 3 weeks ago.  2 
Welcome to the Family my df. I'm happy for you and glad to have you here. ♥ Best of luck to you :D

Joyce Segovia 3 weeks ago.  2 
Welcome to the Family Thomas ;)

Roland Kupsch 3 weeks ago.  2 
Hi Thomas, Welcome to The Family :)

Kimberly Schimmel 3 weeks ago.  2 
Welcome to We Are Family!

Lystra Mohammed 1 month ago.  0 
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vioky viokyDI 2 months ago.  0 
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vioky viokyDI 2 months ago.  0 
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SuccessCoachSara 2 months ago.  1 
Thanks for the badge!

allan berger 2 months ago.  1 
Morning Thomas i would like u to send me the link for lux

Cheryl Fitzjohn 3 months ago.  1 
wow look those comments from people with no branding. am sure u did not ask for that at all..

Howard Fullmer3 months ago  1
yes a delete feature sure would be nice for unwanted spam :)

Thomas Smitherman3 months ago  0
Or even a Thumbs Down button. :-)

Thomas Smitherman3 months ago  0
Or even a Thumbs Down button. :-)

MichaelTox MichaelToxRY 3 months ago.  0 

WilliamEdurb WilliamEdurbRE 3 months ago.  1 
Electronics Research Center

Thomas Smitherman 4 months ago.  1 
Wow! Howard has moved up to Number Three on my Friends List! WTG Howard - thanks for the badges! Good Luck though catching up to my Number One and Number Two Friends Serge and Diana!

Howard Fullmer4 months ago  1
I am number one woot woot

Antbella serr 4 months ago.  1 
Happy belated bday thomas

Adam Brockie 5 months ago.  1 
Thanks Pizzaman !!

Cheryl Fitzjohn 5 months ago.  1 
Thanks for the extra tokens. Check your pm

Cheryl Fitzjohn 5 months ago.  0 
oh i love your pizza face

Thomas Smitherman5 months ago  0
Thanks! I spared no expense toget it! :-)

Jennifer Ciampa 5 months ago.  1 
Have an awesome birthday Thomas!

Thomas Smitherman5 months ago  0
Thanks Jennifer! It was awesome, Warm and Sunny!

Cheryl Fitzjohn 5 months ago.  1 
A very Happy Birthdays

Thomas Smitherman5 months ago  1
Thanks Cheryl, I got a wonderful Waterproof Maroon colored Windbreaker from my Mom, could have really used it 3 days ago!

vickie Lenz 5 months ago.  1 
Happy Birthday Thomas

Thomas Smitherman5 months ago  0
Thanks Vickie! No Bday Cake but having Bday Pumpkin Pie and Whipped Cream!

JuliaaSon AashaSonYR 5 months ago.  0 
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George Eldridge 7 months ago.  1 
Happy Nevada Day

Adam Brockie 7 months ago.  1 
Thanks Thomas !!

Eric & Charity Abbott 8 months ago.  1 
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