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March 2018




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Peter Mason | themobgods

Peter collected 14 badges.. 1 minute ago
Peter logged in 371 days in a row.. 8 hours ago
Peter collected 45 badges.. 15 hours ago
Peter leveled up! 16 hours ago
gifted you 1 badges.. 1 day ago
Peter logged in 370 days in a row.. 1 day ago
Peter collected 46 badges.. 2 days ago
Peter logged in 369 days in a row.. 3 days ago
Peter collected 60 badges.. 3 days ago
gifted you 1 badges.. 3 days ago

Barbara Walker 1 month ago.  0 
Thank you for all the XP bonuses.

Kamilla Tyminska 4 months ago.  0 
Yes of course. It`s nice to go to some warm place with great swimming pool while in my country is gloomy and rainy weather, I hate cold and sun gives me strenght to live through the winter :-)

Peter Mason 4 months ago.  0 
Welcome back Kamilla, hope you enjoyed your holiday. :)

Kamilla Tyminska 4 months ago.  0 
Thank you foe all the badges and other stuff. You are the awesome guy.

4 months ago.  0 
You are a person not to be trusted I have cancelled my acct at your TE imagine if I treated your site the same way you behave at Sweeva. Plead ignorance or whatever BS you can come up with you are nothing more than a lowlife CHEAT just what the TE world needs at this time a cheap dishonest owner Mobgod I will assume that translates into would be mafia but you cheated them to.

Peter Mason4 months ago  0
The way I behave at sweeva??? I use the log to claim my badges for the previous 24 hours, usually just after reset so I can buy an XP battery before claiming. Was not aware that was against the rules.

Barbara Walker 4 months ago.  0 
Thank you for all the xp bonuses.

Paul Wharton 5 months ago.  0 
Thanks for the Submarine Gifts and badge, Peter

Kristina Galinovic 5 months ago.  0 
Tnx Pete :)

Kamilla Tyminska 5 months ago.  0 
Thanks for all the badges, Pete :-)

Barbara Walker 7 months ago.  0 
Thanks for all the xp bonuses.

Peter Mason 9 months ago.  0 
Hey Barry, how goes the Bogart TE world? Pete

Kamilla Tyminska 10 months ago.  0 
Thanks for the badge Pete and congratulations on winning the round :-)

Stephane Tourigny 12 months ago.  0 
Thanks for surfing TE Wiz! :)

Bob Sims 3 years ago.  0 
Good to see you on Click Track Profit.

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