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December 2017




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Graham McCallum | screwball
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Graham collected 13 badges.. 4 hours ago
gifted you 2 badges.. 4 hours ago
Graham logged in 911 days in a row.. 11 hours ago
Graham collected 11 badges.. 1 day ago
Graham logged in 910 days in a row.. 2 days ago
Graham collected 8 badges.. 2 days ago
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Graham McCallum 1 month ago.  0 
And now back in the land of the living with new Dell laptop:)

Graham McCallum 1 month ago.  0 
No puter at present but can surf on mobile­čśÄ

Lorraine Brooks 1 month ago.  0 
Thank you Graham, much appreciated.

Graham McCallum1 month ago  0
most welcome Lorraine - Happy Surfing:)

James Baker 2 months ago.  0 
Graham, Thanks for asking about me. I'm fine. Been working late night and staying busy.

Roland Kupsch 2 months ago.  0 
Hi Graham, you're welcome my friend, Happy Surfing :_

vickie Lenz 5 months ago.  0 
Thanks for the friend request

Kamilla Tyminska 5 months ago.  0 
I just lost 20 subgames, 6 Vaults and XP battery. The guys from CTP shouls sweep streets not doing buisness. I wonder - maybe next season no team would compete - that would teach them and be a great punisment !

Remon Yau 5 months ago.  0 
you are welcome happy surfing my friend

Marinda Kruger 6 months ago.  0 
You are welcome Graham

Doris Beckette 6 months ago.  0 
Thanks for your help.

Mary Dent 6 months ago.  0 
Hey Graham thanks for the add :)

Charity Manigault 7 months ago.  0 
Thanks Graham for the badges!!!

Graham McCallum 7 months ago.  0 
finally back online after 10 days of no internet - - needed a new router !!

Charity Manigault 7 months ago.  0 
Thanks Graham for the badges!!!:)

Kamilla Tyminska 7 months ago.  0 
I did Graham and thank you, now a lot of things became clear :-)

Ronald de Visser 8 months ago.  0 
ty 4 4 badges Graham

Doris Beckette 9 months ago.  0 
Thanks for your help. I only need 7 and 17 to finish my game card.

James Baker 9 months ago.  0 
Graham, Thanks for accepting me on your team. Thanks also for the game pieces. I will do my best to assist. Have a delightful weekend.

Marinda Kruger 10 months ago.  0 
yw, Graham. Have a great day

Marinda Kruger 10 months ago.  0 

Majka Maresova 10 months ago.  0 
Hi Grahame Please let me know where to find the keys to the coffers Majka

Graham McCallum10 months ago  1
Majka - you have to spend money - buy credits at Tim Tech sites to get a key to unlock a chest

Jose Carrico 10 months ago.  0 
You're welcome, Graham :) Have a superb weekend :)

Majka Maresova 10 months ago.  0 
Hi Graham, thanks for the badges, I wanted to ask how they can open chests Thank Majka

Doris Beckette 10 months ago.  0 
Thanks for your help with my game pieces. I only need 3 and 16 to finish my game card. Thanks for any help.

Graham McCallum 10 months ago.  0 
Thanks for the badge Rosy:)

Thomas Boreman 10 months ago.  0 
Thanks for the Badge!

micah kunz 11 months ago.  0 
hi graham have a great day

Majka Maresova 11 months ago.  0 
Hi Graham zaThank you a message, I just do not understand

Majka Maresova 11 months ago.  0 
Graham,Can you please explain what I do when I do not load submarines Thank you Majka

Graham McCallum11 months ago  1
when you complete a sub game do not play the game but rather click on goodies tab above and that saved sub game will then go into " My Goodie Bag " and can be played at a later time - can even be days in the future Hope this helps Majka:)

Marinda Kruger 11 months ago.  0 
yw Graham

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