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September 2014




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Sam Burgess | sb4269
Sam collected 15 badges.. 4 hours ago
Sam logged in 62 days in a row.. 16 hours ago
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gifted you 1 badges.. 2 days ago
gifted you 1 badges.. 2 days ago
Sam logged in 61 days in a row.. 2 days ago
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Sam shared 1 badges.. 3 days ago

Adam Brockie 2 months ago.  1 
Thanks for the friendzy Bro !!

Paul Caraway 2 months ago.  0 
Thank you for sharing Sam! I hope you are doing well...

Diana Seacord 2 months ago.  0 
Thanks so much for the friendzy. Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend.

Karen Kuty 2 months ago.  1 
Thank you for the badge. :-)

Patsy j Payne 2 months ago.  0 
Go get your trophy Sam n DEB

Sam Burgess2 months ago  0
Thanks Patsy!

Scott Rohn 2 months ago.  0 
Hi Sam! Thanks for the badge, haven't seen you in a long time, Glad your back

Sam Burgess2 months ago  0
Hey Scott, had a little agent orange issue from the Vietnam days, slowly coming back some

Patsy j Payne 2 months ago.  0 
Hey Sam n Deb ... Take a peek at your game card. U need one game piece for your trophy WAHOOOO

Les Stevens 3 months ago.  0 
Thank you for the Friendzy Sam, haven't seen you guys for ages. I sincerely hope you are both well.

Patsy j Payne 4 months ago.  0 
Nice game card going

steve samoheyl 4 months ago.  0 
Hi Guys! Hope you had a Great Easter! Steve Samoheyl

Barbara Vlahos 7 months ago.  0 
Hi Sam, how do I change my email address on CTP? Thanks

Bob Sims 8 months ago.  0 
Good to see you on Click Track Profit

Tom Rasmussen 8 months ago.  0 
Happy New Year

mohamed zubeidy 1 year ago.  0 

1111 2222 1 year ago.  0 
Me and my wife are a team along with all the CTP friends. Good day.

1111 2222 1 year ago.  0 

Victoria Stein 2 years ago.  0 
Hello Sam! I have come across your profile via a friendzy request to Erving Salgado. I am so excited to see the "paying-it-forward" page that Rob P. Cruisin' has up on Sweeva, that I just had to share this news with you! Be Enchanted!

Ivan Mertadiwangsa 2 years ago.  0 
ow, you just login again yeserday..

Stephen Whittle 2 years ago.  0 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Burgess family!

john Bowden 2 years ago.  0 
Sam: Thought I was going to welcome my one referral, but see I cannot, so writing you.What are the badges for and how do I earn a little money on this site, thanks

Ivan Mertadiwangsa 2 years ago.  0 
wow, it's been a long time you didn't login here again..

David Irawan 2 years ago.  0 

Jeffrey Ballesteros 2 years ago.  0 
Hello how are you doing?

Linda Mayer 2 years ago.  0 
Just stopping by to wish you and Deb all the best!

Tarawyn 2 years ago.  0 
Hi Sam. I shared a red key and I see you had just gotten a blue one so I hope you got something great from the vault! :-)

Tame Bear 2 years ago.  1 
Hi Sam, hope you're having a fantastic weekend. Cheers!

Gary Hollis 2 years ago.  0 
Hi Sam, Thats sure an impressive badge collection you have there.

Jeffrey Ballesteros 2 years ago.  0 
Hello how are you doing?

2 years ago.  0 
G'day Sam I hope Easter was kind to you and Deb. Both of you have a great one :))

Vincent Boutin 2 years ago.  0 
Hi Sir, may I borrow you something please

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