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Luis Esteban | lesanju

Luis Esteban 5 years ago.  4 
I'm back! congratulations CTP for 3 years!

Bob Sims 6 years ago.  4 
Hi Luis

1111 2222 6 years ago.  4 
Thumbs up. So true. Have a nice day.

Dualberto Brito 7 years ago.  5 
Hi Luis, thanks for being my friend at CTP's :)

surbhi surbhi 7 years ago.  5 
Hey, sent some flowers earlier, and the last flower too. Cheers, your game card is completed now :)

Luis Esteban7 years ago  5
wow .. thank you very much, I could not find the flower that was missing to complete, you are very kind :)

Luis Esteban 7 years ago.  4 
Nerd Surf Mastery :D

Robert Arnold 7 years ago.  4 
Time for the Thief to be moving on!!!

Tame Bear 7 years ago.  5 
HI Luis, congrats on making CTP Expert a few weeks back. Getting referrals takes time; continuing to do the CTP training will put your referral link out there where others can find it. Are you upgraded? If you are waiting for referrals to pay for your upgrade, you've got the cart before the horse - INVEST in your business by upgrading in the programs that are working. You're obviously able to get referrals, just be persistent and stick with it.

Annette R 7 years ago.  4 
Hi Luis, Thank you and happy easter to you too! congrats on becoming CTP expert! :-)

Lucie Bellemare 7 years ago.  4 
Happy Easter, Luis! Congratulations on getting your CTP Expert certificate! And nice trophies, too! Good job!

Shane McCarthy 7 years ago.  4 
Happy Easter Luis and congrats on becoming CTP expert wtg.

7 years ago.  4 
Congrats on getting your expert. Onwards and upwards for you Luis

Bence Karacsony 7 years ago.  4 
Heya Luis! Grats!

Diana Parwestri 7 years ago.  4 
Woow Cool Luis:-).Happy Easter Too. Anyways Congrat on achieving ur CTP Expert.good job

Colleen Fitten 7 years ago.  4 
Great work Luis......:)

Deborah Cook 7 years ago.  4 
Congratulations on achieving Expert on CTP Luis.

Kevin Michaud 7 years ago.  4 
Good work on achieving CTP Expert

Kevin Michaud 7 years ago.  4 
Good work on achieving CTP Expert

Luis Esteban 7 years ago.  4 
yes! CTP Expert! :D

Kevin Michaud 7 years ago.  4 
Have a great Easter...Enjoy family, friends and a time of new beginnings

Diana Parwestri 7 years ago.  4 
thanks for Friendship.Glad being one of ur friends ;-) hope u have a nice day.

micah kunz 7 years ago.  4 
glade to be your friend micahk

Annette R 7 years ago.  4 
Hi Luis! Thanks for stopping by. Good to see you have a nice pic up now, tho I'd prefer to see your eyes, but hey, that's just me. :-) If you want to brand yourself with sunglasses, that's fine; it worked ok for Darren Olander! Happy surfing to you, too! :-)

Kevin Michaud 7 years ago.  4 
thanks for being a ctp friend have a spectacular day

Tim Linden 7 years ago.  4 
Annette is now IT!

Annette R7 years ago  5
I am??? lol P'raps I'd better check my emails and see what this is about.

Annette R 7 years ago.  4 
Luis! Why did you change your pic to a cartoon? A picture of yourself is much more personable.

Luis Esteban7 years ago  5
For now, I'll upload another photo that I see it more as I am

Cherie 7 years ago.  4 
wishing you a wonderful weekend too :)

Cherie 7 years ago.  4 
Good Morning :) How goes it today?

Colleen Fitten 7 years ago.  4 
You are welcome Luis....I hope you enjoy the game thiefs....lots of fun with great comments being past....:)

Rebecca Thames 7 years ago.  4 
Hi Luis :)

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