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keanujunkie 6 months ago.  0 
BTCsmash :D am I amused: Yes! https://btcsmash.io/?i=174953

steve samoheyl 6 months ago.  0 
I just read your message about wallet for bitcoin. I have nothing in the account.But is it worth doing this to earn? All I have done online has been for no gain.

keanujunkie 6 months ago  0
it takes a while but you can get something for your efforts. most of the bitcoin things you "earn" them but you need to move the amount to your wallet. All those sites that claim to multiply your btc if you send them some...are scams. don't do that :) like this one: https://btcclicks.com/?r=f9bec672 you click on the stuff, then eventually you get enough to hit the payout level, then you have it paid out to your wallet.

keanujunkie 6 months ago  0
Am irritated with myself because I should have taken the btc (or, actually the small amount in there) when bitcoin was high. it's lower now. It's something to do while aimlessly clicking hit sites, etc.

keanujunkie 6 months ago  0
i'm still a noob when it comes to it but i'm trying my best :)

Rosy Di Lucia 6 months ago.  0 
Grazie per la tua amicizia :)

keanujunkie 6 months ago  0
Thanks :D:D Am glad you are my friend too! :D

Dualberto Brito 11 months ago.  0 
Thanks Keanu for being one of my friends at CTP's :)

keanujunkie 11 months ago  0
:D have a fun day!

dave mitchell 11 months ago.  0 
No access to their subscription page

keanujunkie 11 months ago  0
Ohhh pooo..i thought that would fix it for you ...

Hop Trieusung 12 months ago.  0 
welcome in friendship !

keanujunkie 11 months ago  0
Hi Hop :D am so bad with answering stuff on my board here :)

Richard Curran 1 year ago.  0 
Thanks for being my new Friend on CTP keanujunkie wishing all success will see you around happy surfing

keanujunkie 1 year ago  0
Thanks :D I wish you the best as well !

Eric & Charity Abbott 2 years ago.  0 
Hey there! I use this program everyday, Would love to connect with you! Do you have Skype? If so, join me by downloading Skype for free and add the Skype ID | traffic2prosperity

Eric Burgoyne 2 years ago.  0 
Thanks for the badge

John Chapman 2 years ago.  0 
top 2 sites aren,t clickable

keanujunkie 2 years ago  0
Ugh, I need to fix that :) Thanks for letting me know! :D

keanujunkie 2 years ago  0
Fixed! I should look at my profile more often. I set it up and forgot about it! :D

Ian Ballantine 4 years ago.  5 
hi Suzanne, thanks for the ornament game card badge. hope you have just an awesome day, my friend - Ian. :)

keanujunkie 4 years ago  5
thanks :D hope you are having an awesome day too! i need to check my wall more often....... :D

Myra PC 5 years ago.  4 
Whoop Whoop Thanks Suzanne...I hope all is well with ya, I thimnk it really starting to heat up on the weather front...

keanujunkie 5 years ago  5
way.too.hot. blargh. i was in mass. today at two of my Staples and it was so hot, but it was cooler than down where i live.. :D i hope you are stayind cool :D

keanujunkie 5 years ago  5
staying. not stayind ... :D

Victoria Stein 5 years ago.  4 
OOOOH! Sunnies game card is now complete Suzanne!

keanujunkie 5 years ago  5
yayyyyyy! :D

keanujunkie 5 years ago.  4 
I don't like mean people, rude people, and people who are not nice. I try to be inclusive. I think some people are inconsiderate and rude, but they are not one of my friends. and I don't cull my friends list if someone is inactive. Who knows what sort of trouble they may have in the real world. So yeah....deal with it.

Nana Carreras 5 years ago.  4 
Haha, Keanu Reeves. You are funny Suzanne

keanujunkie 5 years ago  5
keanu is the bees knees! :D

Myra PC 5 years ago.  4 
Thanks Suzanne for the Triangle Friendzy badge

steve samoheyl 6 years ago.  4 
Thanks! suzanne! Keep me anonymous though! may we be friends? I am not supposed to be talking about this in chat room!

Jeff Hicks 6 years ago.  4 
Nice to meet you Suzanne!

Stephen Whittle 6 years ago.  4 
Congratulations on the lifetime upgrade!

keanujunkie 6 years ago  5
Thanks :D I was very glad I logged in that day to see that. Been busy with preparing for a move to a new house.

Victoria Stein 6 years ago.  4 
Woo Hoo Suzanne, upgraded to lifer and a really cute snail badge!

James Obrenski 6 years ago.  4 
Thank you for the connection! Use the BBcode: [url=http://your site.com/][img]http://your image link.com[/img][/url]

6 years ago.  4 
Thanks for the comment Suzanne I am glad you liked it :)) Have a lovely day

keanujunkie 6 years ago  5
aww thanks :D

amir aly 6 years ago.  4 
Hi Suzanne, thanks for add me

Jenny Forney 6 years ago.  4 
Thanks for the friendship! If you'd like some help with promoting the sites that we both belong to, check out my blog on my profile. If I belong to it and you do too, I'll promote it for you, even if you're not in my down line. Just think ppl should help each other. Either way, have an amazing, blessed day! ~Jenny

keanujunkie 6 years ago  5
haven't seen you online in a while, hope all is well! i think we are on the same team here too...

Jeremy brand 6 years ago.  4 
thanks for the add mate

Tame Bear 6 years ago.  4 
Hi Suzanne, thanks for the friend invite.

keanujunkie 6 years ago  5

keanujunkie 6 years ago.  4 
and and and.....musicandmorsels.com is getting ready to launch. it is my blog. music and morsels (of whatever we want to talk about). soon...soon.. (well put it this way, i have to figure out how to work the web design thingie.)

Myra PC 6 years ago.  4 
Hey Suzanne, I thought we were on each others friend list too...well we are now gurlllllllll!! LOL

keanujunkie 6 years ago  5
TOTALLY! too funny. i thought john m. was on my friend list and he isn't either. I think i signed up on your list nerd...(that was my intent, i think i did it right)

keanujunkie 6 years ago  5
TOTALLY! too funny. i thought john m. was on my friend list and he isn't either. I think i signed up on your list nerd...(that was my intent, i think i did it right)

keanujunkie 6 years ago.  5 
Thank you everyone for being nice to me. It has been really rough at home, and I am grateful for all of you being so kind!

keanujunkie 6 years ago.  4 
yanno i am SOOO FREAKING TIRED of this ridiculous login crap from CTP. constantly it shows that I am missing days when I am NOT missing days, therefore I never get the coin prize. I HATE CTP!!! HATE IT!!!!! i am ON HERE EVERY FREAKING DAMN DAY AND NEVER EVER WON THAT STUPID MONTHLY THING..NEVER! today it shows I missed yesterday..OH REALLY? i HAD to open a support ticket yesterday and I WAS ON HERE...crappy thing

keanujunkie 6 years ago  5
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