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Viola Cupps | grannygold1
I am interested in new ways to do internet marketing. I am still learning all this, so it may not make me as much money as others, but I can learn alot. This may be helpful for others as well.

Nick Grimshawe 2 years ago.  0 
Hey Viola, how are you. Anything I can help you with?

Rae Sheets 2 years ago.  0 
hi Viola. thank you for the friend request. i wish u luck in your online endeavors! remember, it will not happen overnight. it takes come. maybe use gravatar.com and add a picture to your profiles so people see a face. they will come to recognize your face which leads to trust and more referrals, sales etc.

Viola Cupps 2 years ago.  0 
I am new to these traffic groups and need some help. I have 30 signups in my downline for my Cash Surfing Network. Do I send them messages about other sites and groups or what? I have not done any sales for commissions yet and am on Social Security Federal benefits from my government that I am not allowed to use for upgrades, etc. I am awaiting a first payout by check from Clixsense for $10, then might be able to do 1-2 more by then by Paypal. Any suggestions of good advice? I am with at least 4-5 main traffic groups of numerous sites and do alot of surfing for referrals, but not alot of luck yet. Any help you can recommend wod be greatly appreciated. I use a rotator from 360 URLZ that is free and it has 20+ sites on it, but also list Clixsense, ClickTrackprofit, and Cash Surfing Network for my credits for now. Please send me some tips as I see you do alot of surfing and won some trophies, so you are probably prospering a bit. Thank you for your time, and if you have any tokens to ever spare, I need 3 to multiply my CPTXP for an hour. P.S. What are the CPTXP really for? I do not understand that part, under than possibly for levels of experience. Do you get kther things for them?

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