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Barbara Serrano | barbwiredoll


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Jennifer Hansel 2 years ago.  0 
Hi Barb! :)

Jennifer Hansel2 years ago  1
I'm doing well, thanks :D how have you been? thought I would comment and say hi since I haven't chatted with you in awhile

Kelvin Ross 2 years ago.  0 
Your welcome Barbara

gerda van riel 2 years ago.  0 
i wanted to let you now about a new te, where you can win and earn a lot of money!! come and join me!! http://temasters.com/splash/personal/splash2.php?rid=6#masters

Barbara Serrano2 years ago  1
Everytime i click your name to reply i drop to logout...? Are we friends in CTP? How did you reach me.

Kelvin Ross 2 years ago.  0 
Still going Barb but not doing too much.

Linda Mayer 3 years ago.  0 
Hi, Barbara! I hope this finds you well and happy. You're always very welcome.

Federico 3 years ago.  0 
Thanks for accepting my request to friends.

Sylvester Shaw 3 years ago.  0 
Hi ya.. thanks for the badge! :)

Sunil Kumar Dash 3 years ago.  4 
Hi Doll, how are you doing ?

Diana Seacord 3 years ago.  4 
You are welcome Barbara. Enjoy your day.

beth macdougall 3 years ago.  4 
thanks for the badge Barbara

ann 089 3 years ago.  4 
ty 4 d badge

Tom Wacker 3 years ago.  4 
Hey ya! Thanks for the robot badge Barbie! I appreciate it!

Dana Caministeanu 3 years ago.  4 
Hi Barb and thanks for the game pieces :) Have a great day!

Kelvin Ross 3 years ago.  4 
Hey Barbara your off to a great start for CTP team Awesome work. You Rock. Have a nice day :)

Leone Marziano 3 years ago.  4 
Hey Barbara, welcome to the Bees, so glad that you have joined us :)

Kelvin Ross 3 years ago.  4 
Hey Barbara welcome to the Bee's... Awesome Team mate!!!

Kris Rogers 3 years ago.  4 
Welcome to the Strays Bee Barbara!

Linda Mayer 3 years ago.  4 
You're very welcome, Barbara! Have an awesome day!

Michael Phillips 3 years ago.  4 
Hello Barbara - thank you for the FRIENDZY badge!

James Baker 3 years ago.  4 
Barbara, Thanks for the badge. Hope you are having a excellent day.

alex konopplia 3 years ago.  4 
pleased to meet you!

Ute Schaedler 3 years ago.  4 
Thanks for the friendzy badge Barbara.

Barbara Serrano 3 years ago.  4 
What happen to my kingships? I lost one? I know its three i have. tsk,tsk...

Graham McCallum 3 years ago.  4 
Many thanks for the badge Barbara :)

Linda Mayer 3 years ago.  4 
Hi, Barbara! Thanks for the game piece!

Jose Carrico 3 years ago.  4 
A Merry Christmas to you and your family, Barbara :)

Chris Deffenbaugh 3 years ago.  4 
Hi Barb. Thanks for the gamepiece. Much appreciated.:D

Kelvin Ross 4 years ago.  4 
Hey Barbara have a nice day.

Samantha Ownby 4 years ago.  4 
Thanks for the badge!

Ute Schaedler 4 years ago.  4 
Thanks for the badge Barbara.

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