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Adam Brockie | abrockie
Greetings! I'm Adam and I'm glad to meet you. I live in Northern Indiana, U.S.A. I served in the Air Force for 20 years and retired in 2000. Spent 5 years overseas with duty in Germany, Turkey, South Korea and Saudi Arabia. Stateside I was assigned to Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. After retiring, I worked briefly as a 911 dispatcher for the Plant City FL Police Department and as a Golf Shop attendent at Plant City Golf Club. I took to Traffic Exchanges to get views for my personal website in 2004. Somewhere along the line I became an Internet Marketer :)

I'm the Team Leader of StartXchange Team Clean Living. I started the team 11 years ago. We are a surfing team and would love to have you join us.

Jesus, Chicago Cubs Baseball, Chicago Bears Football, Chicago Bulls Basketball, University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football, Rock music and playing Golf.

B.S., Business Management, Wayland Baptist University, 1999
A.A., Information Management, Community College of the Air Force, 1997

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Tarja Tuomela 3 months ago.  0 
Hi Adam :)

Dana Caministeanu 4 months ago.  0 
Hello Adam. Yesterday I sent you a message but it seems nothing works on CTP regarding messages. I have to share with you very sad news - maybe you already know: our friend, Les, passed away on May 6th. He was a wonderful friend and we'd miss him very much.

Adam Brockie3 months ago  0
Hi Dana - thanks for sharing with me. I did hear that just yesterday. I really am going to miss that Sea Captain, a Prince of a man.

micah kunz 6 months ago.  0 
hi adam take care micahk

Sherwood Lummus 7 months ago.  0 
Hi Adam, you are welcome for the badge

Remon Yau 1 year ago.  0 
You are welcome Adam Happy to see you hear Have a great week ;)

JeffreyDrult JeffreyDrultQY 1 year ago.  0 
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Rickie Nelson 1 year ago.  0 
Adam, I sent you a reply.

Rickie Nelson 1 year ago.  0 
Hi Brother Adam, It's been a long time since we've talked. I need your help and advice, would rather not want to post but would love very much for you to call me, 909-585-6354, need to hear from you asap, Thank you.

Angelika Bartschat 2 years ago.  0 
Hi Adam, thanks for your friend-request; you're welcome. Have a great and successful time and Happy Surfing!

dave mitchell 2 years ago.  0 
Thanks amigo !!

Remon Yau 2 years ago.  0 
Thank you for your comment Happy surfing and a happy weekend

Caroline Sabourin 2 years ago.  0 
Thanks so much Adam.....I about nearly fell off my chair....lol

Dana Caministeanu 2 years ago.  0 
You're welcome, Adam :)

Dana Caministeanu 2 years ago.  0 
Hi Adam and congrats on the new Jackpotwin!

Dana Caministeanu 2 years ago.  0 
You're always welcome, Adam :)

Dana Caministeanu 2 years ago.  0 
Congrats on the new Jackpot win, Adam!

John Chapman 2 years ago.  0 
some people are just so lucky

Adam Brockie2 years ago  1
It's remarkable. I've noticed that the more I surf, the luckier I get. You should give it a try. Nerdsurf at least 5000 a day, EVERY day and see.

John Chapman 2 years ago.  0 
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Ion Iacob 2 years ago.  0 
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Remon Yau 2 years ago.  0 
You're welcome Adam I am so happy to be able to do something nice too :)

Remon Yau 2 years ago.  0 
Thank you so much for giving me this wonderful present I really appreciate what you did :) thank you so much and happy 2017 to you and your family

Robert Moreno 2 years ago.  0 
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! :) Let's make it the best one ever!

Remon Yau 2 years ago.  0 
Merry Christmas my friend enjoy the holidays :)

Dana Caministeanu 2 years ago.  0 
Adam, as you use LegacyHits, maybe you know something about Ken and Marcus. I requested cash out on Saturday and I also sent a reminder - no payment, no answer :(

Dana Caministeanu2 years ago  1
Sure, Payza

Dana Caministeanu2 years ago  1
Thanks a lot, Adam :)

Dana Caministeanu 2 years ago.  0 
Wooo Hooooo!!! Congrats again, Adam! Merry Christmas and my best wishes :)

Dana Caministeanu 2 years ago.  0 
You're welcome and I amglad foryou, Adam :) Have a great weekend!

Dana Caministeanu 2 years ago.  0 
Congrats on the new Jackpot win, Adam :) Have a great evening!

Shelayne Fico 2 years ago.  0 
Hi Adam, Congrats on the Jackpot win. I saw yesterday you were also on a roll with the money badges, I just happened to log in when you name was going across back to back for winning $1 and I think also 50 cents. Merry Christmas!

Remon Yau 2 years ago.  0 
Congratulations you did wonderful

Dana Caministeanu 2 years ago.  0 
Congrats on winning the Jackpot, Adam :)

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