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Geri Gerstner | gerig8900
I am 46 and live in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area. I have a yellow lab (Dog) named Ariel.
I am an owner of four websites one is a Traffic Exchange site:
2nd one is My design business site For all you Marketers Out There... 3rd site I own is a game site
My last but, not least site I own is a social network :
If you would like to connect with me on Skype sometime my Skype ID is: Geri Gerstner
I am also in this wonderful marketing system that pays well too that I think you may enjoy come check it out at:
Thank you for stopping by my profile today and I surely hope you have yourself a wonderful rest of the day.
(TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY And I have decided to give everyone that visits my profile page here in CTP a special gift... Just click the following link to get to my Birthday splash...

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Geri logged in 1 days in a row.. 4 months ago
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Geri collected 2 badges.. 4 months ago
Geri logged in 2 days in a row.. 4 months ago
Geri collected 2 badges.. 4 months ago
Geri logged in 1 days in a row.. 4 months ago

Rosy Di Lucia 1 year ago.  0 
Gi 19 gennaio, sento aria di sconfitta! Ora mi gioco la carta della disperazione, ho in riserva 500 mine le lancerò fra poco e che dio la mandi buona.

Rae Sheets 2 years ago.  0 
Hey Geri! long time! thx for the friend request! how r u

Carl Davies 4 years ago.  4 
Congrats Geri on you're video for CTP Members training.

Bob Sims 4 years ago.  4 
Just Snooping

Geri Gerstner4 years ago  5
Snoop all you want my friend...

gina ricks 4 years ago.  4 
thanks for the badge

Geri Gerstner4 years ago  5
Your welcome very much for the badge my friend!

Victoria Stein 4 years ago.  4 
Wishing you happiness today 5/15 and the whole year through!

Geri Gerstner4 years ago  5
Thank You Victoria for your great comment.

Sandra Walker 4 years ago.  4 
Thanks for the connection Geri have a great day!

Geri Gerstner4 years ago  5
Thank you Sandra for accepting me you have a great day too...

Tony Quinn 4 years ago.  4 
Hey Geri I believe we just met in the CTP surfing and I commented on your avatar.I read your profile and I too have a yellow lab. and his name is Casper, we do that one thing in common . How cool is that. And truely have a very Happy Birthday.

Geri Gerstner4 years ago  5
Hey Tony, AWESOME that we both have yellow Labs! Yeah my dog is a funny dog and she is also a wonderful dog too... Thank you so much for the birthday wish... Have a wonderful day...

Monika Tuttle 4 years ago.  4 
Hi Geri, thanks for the friend request. :) Hmm I thought we already were. It was fun chatting with you today in Skype. Have a good evening. Monika

Geri Gerstner4 years ago  5
Hey no problem... I guess we weren't friends up until now... Sorry about that my friend. Glad you chose to befriend me Monika... Now we are friends and I will go find more friends now too... Have a wonderful and productive day today!

Victoria Stein 4 years ago.  5 
5 simple rules to be happy: 1) free your heart from hatred 2) free your mind from worries 3) Live simply. 4) Give more. 5) Expect less

Geri Gerstner4 years ago  5
Yes very true there Victoria... WTG Victoria on your 5 Simple Rules...

Rae Sheets Biz 4 years ago.  4 
hey geri!! how u been doing?!!

Jorge Marcelo Arauz 4 years ago.  4 
Thank you !!!!!

Geri Gerstner4 years ago  5
Your welcome

Patsy j Payne 4 years ago.  4 
Hi Geri, check your game card please... it is full and friendzly???

Geri Gerstner4 years ago  5
Thanks Patsy I checked the game card and it's cleared...

Debb Lafevre 4 years ago.  4 
I stole one of your badges!!

Debb Lafevre 4 years ago.  4 
So did you still one?

Geri Gerstner4 years ago  5
yes I did

asep komara 4 years ago.  4 
Hi Gery, whats up!

Geri Gerstner4 years ago  5
I am doing fine how are you?

Mike Lawton 4 years ago.  4 
Thanks Geri! Nicest people on chat! Keep Rockin :)

Rae Sheets Biz 4 years ago.  4 
hiya Geri!! i've been seeing ur splashes all over the place. great work u r doing! keep it up!

Geri Gerstner4 years ago  5
Thanks Rae for your comment. Yeah working on keeping them ads out!

Richard Arblaster 5 years ago.  4 
Hi Geri, Thanks for adding me :)

christine thake 5 years ago.  4 
Hello Geri thank you for the friend request

Garrey Dunn Jr 5 years ago.  4 
Thank you for the friend request. I look forward to picking your brain on how to best utilize the tools CTP makes available to us.

Geri Gerstner4 years ago  5
Hey anytime you need help Garry I can certainly help you with CTP my friend... And sorry about the delay my friend I forget to check my messages here LOL

Tom Rasmussen 5 years ago.  4 
thx for the friend add

Ole Rasmussen 5 years ago.  4 
Thank You Geri for the badge :)

Dawn Gallagher 5 years ago.  4 
thank you Geri, for the badge :)

Rafal Mly 5 years ago.  4 
Hello Geri, thank you for friend request - it is pleasure for me, greetings.

Author Aleja Bennett 5 years ago.  4 
Have a great weekend coming geri

Barbara Erickson 5 years ago.  4 
Hey Geri, I miss chatting with you. Still behind a curtain for some reason.

Geri Gerstner5 years ago  5
I miss chatting in the chat room with you too will be back in the chats again... I promise

Santi Haryati 5 years ago.  4 
hi, im looking for a spooky badge on your site : My-social eyes site, cant find it or what i have to do to get it? Thanks for reply Santi

Geri Gerstner5 years ago  5
Click on the orange banner on the home section of MySocial-EyesSite.com under the video. you need to scroll down a bit for the banner click the banner then it will direct you to our game that you need to play in order to collect the badge.

Carol Walczak 5 years ago.  4 
hi Geri, thanks for connecting, and long time no see : )

Geri Gerstner5 years ago  5
Long time no see too Carol It's great to see you my friend

Victoria Stein 5 years ago.  4 
I complimented Travis on his Halloween splash at BWT,..but he told me you designed it,..nice work Geri!

Geri Gerstner5 years ago  5
hey thanks Victoria I am glad you liked Travis's splash ad that I designed for him... I am getting great compliments on the designs. I really appreciate your kind compliment my friend...
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