Bill's Awesomesauce Harvest Party

The party is over! If you earned a ticket during the party, go spin the prize wheel! You can also see our massive Winners List (updates live)

Every day there was a new game card. View 72 pages at each exchange to get the game piece from that exchange. Fill the game card to get 1 prize ticket! Fill all 7 game cards and get 5 bonus tickets! On the last day a BONUS card will be show which will count as one of those 7 game cards if you missed a day.

Daily Game Card Colors:
Sept 3rd:Red Card Sept 4th:Blue Card Sept 5th:Green Card Sept 6th:Orange Card
Sept 7th:Pink Card Sept 8th:Purple Card Sept 9th:Yellow Card Sept 10th:BONUS Card
Get a check for every card you complete on the CheckBox Card

Where to find GamePieces:
ILoveHits: BellpeppersLegacyHits: CornPowerCashStream: Tomatoes
RainingTraffic: PotatoesShowBizHits: GrapesSiteXplosion: Apple
SocialSurf4U: PeasStartXchange: BreadSurfingSocially: Orange
SurfSkeleton: LemonsSweeva: CarrotsThumbVu: Cabbage
TopFlightTraffic: OnionTrafficAtTheRaces: PeppersTrafficDodgems: Plum
TrafficPunk: StrawberryTrafficRUs: CucumbersClickTrackProfit: Wine
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