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What is CTP?
CTP is a game-based training program which has been designed to make you become a better online marketer and which will help you understand how to effectively use and advertise on traffic exchanges so that you learn how to build downlines and earn affiliate commissions.

What do you mean by “game-based” training?
By “Game based” we mean that there are fun elements deliberately built into the training – in fact the games are an integral part of the entire philosophy behind CTP.

Why do you have games if this is a serious training product?
There is nothing to say that people are not allowed to have fun while they learn new things online. In fact .we would go as far as to say that by making the course interesting with fun things to do means that you are more likely to learn more than if it had no games. People like playing games and we like creating fun ways to help people learn.

Are badges part of this fun element and what is the point of badges?
They most certainly are part of the fun within CTP and we have them because people love to collect our badges – there is a phenominal demand for them. In fact badges are so popular that many members have had their own custom CTP badges made so they can use them in their own online advertising promotions.

I have seen badges in traffic exchanges already. Are these part of the CTP program?
Yes they are.  You will find badges throughout the TimTech traffic exchanges for you to collect. In addition many traffic exchange owners have commissioned their own exclusive CTP badges which they use to reward their loyal surfers and advertisers.

I have been given a CTP badge code. What do I do with this?
Most badges can be claimed automatically when you find them but sometimes you will just be given a badge code which is a random sequence of letters of and numbers. Just click the “Redeem code” tab in CTP and enter the code in the box which appears to claim this badge.

What are money badges? They are not ‘real money’ right?
Wrong! Money badges are real money. When you find these special badges while surfing the traffic exchanges which have them then the cash value shown on these badges is added to your CTP account. Money badges start at one cent and go all the way up to $10. You can claim the cash you earn as commissions once you have reached $10 in money badges.

What does “Pioneers” refer to?
There are new CTP badges being introduced all the time and the first person to claim a new badge is the Pioneer of that badge. This is shown in the Pioneers section of CTP.

I have been heard people say that CTP games and badges actually stop people from looking at adverts in traffic exchanges. Is this true?
Actually the evidence suggests that the very opposite is true. Traffic exchange owners report that their members tend to stay longer on their sites when there are badges to collect while surfing. Additionally advertisers like to advertise in traffic exchanges with badges on them which means that surfing numbers increase and there are more pages to view. Surfers like badges, advertisers like badges and the traffic exchanges owners who have their own badges like them too. Everyone wins.

Do I need previous experience of using traffic exchanges to use CTP?
Absolutely not. CTP is designed to take people who have never used a traffic exchange before and show them how to use them to maximum effect.

I have some limited experience of traffic exchanges already but have never had much success with them. Is CTP for me?
Yes it is. Traffic exchanges are very easy to use but, despite this, most people online use them wrongly and therefore don’t get very good results from them. CTP will show you how to get things right from how on. Forget your previous bad experience and learn how to get things right this time round.

How is the training delivered?
The training is delivered in bite-sized chunks via short video tutorials which make up a series of training modules. Most of the training is delivered via a ‘drip feed’ system to ensure that you fully understand each step before moving on to the next.

How long will it take the complete the training?
The great thing about CTP training is that we do not run to any timetable. The problem with having a timetable is that many people fall behind, get demoralised and then drop out. So with CTP you can take as long as you need. The whole idea is that you progress at your own pace. It is not a race and you are not competing against any other CTP members.

You say I can learn at my own pace but is there any time limit by which I must complete the training?
No. There are no time limits. When we way you set your own pace that is exactly what we mean.

What to you mean by “drip feed” in relation to the training”?
This is our way of slowing you down so that you are not tempted to rush through the training. When we first launched CTP we found that many people were racing through the modules becasuse they wanted to get it all done in the shortest possible time but this does not lead to effective learning. Now you will find that for some units once you have watched the video, you will have to wait for up to 24 hours before you can move on to the next step.

What if I want to progress faster than you suggest?
We strongly suggest that you follow the drip feed system but if you really want to progress faster then there is a way to “stop the drip” and unlock units faster than normal. To do this you can use one CTP token (the currency within CTP) to open up the next locked training unit.

Will I need a college degree to understand the training?
Absolutely not. CTP is designed so that everyone can use it and benefit from it, regardless or previous academic results. Our training is focused on first showing you what to do and then letting you go and try it for yourself. This ‘hands on’ active approach really allows you to understand the traffic exchanges you will be using. There are no boring books to study and you will not be up all hours taking pages and pages of notes.  And there is no exam at the end of it either!

What does “CTP certified” mean?
When you successfully complete all the steps in the CTP certification module you can claim your own “CTP certified” certificate which is displayed on your “Achievements” page and which you can use in your online advertising to promote CTP.

What does “CTP expert” mean?
Once you have completed your certification module there is an expert module you can complete which gives you a deeper understanding of how traffic exchanges work. Once you have completed this module then you really will be an expert in the use of traffic exchanges and you can claim a special “CTP expert” certificate as a mark of this achievement.

Do I have to pay to be a member of CTP?
No you do not…but you might want to take advantage of a paid upgrade which will allow you to unlock many additional training modules with exclusive video content which free members are unable to access.

Does CTP have an affiliate program?
Yes it does. Our Affiliate Program allows you to display ClickTrackProfit advertising on your site or in emails, and earn up to 50 per cent on upgrades your downline makes, (10% commission as a free member). CTP comes with a whole collection of professional marketing tools, so you can start promoting right away, with almost no work on your part. The promotional materials are "ready-to-go" and customized with your special affiliate links.

I have seen people using their own videos on CTP splash pages, rather than the default video which comes as standard. How do I do that?
This is a great question because adding your own personal video can put you at a huge advantage over other advertisers and ensure your splash page stands out. Just record a short video (using a smart phone or flip cam for example) and upload it to YouTube. Copy and paste the YouTube URL for this video into the “Your Video Splash Page” link within CTP and your page is ready. It couldn’t be simpler.

How to I get paid my commission earnings?
Commissions are paid out every Friday via PayPal and as long as we have your PayPal email address then there is nothing more you have to do. You don’t have to request payment as your payment is automatically made once you have reached $10 owed with a 14-day grace period to allow for refunds or cancellations.

Can I have more than one CTP account?
No. You are only allowed one CTP account is allowed per person.

How do I contact my CTP sponsor?
You may find that your immediate upline, or CTP sponsor, will introduce themselves to you when you join CTP but not all do. It is a good idea to take the initiative and introduce yourself to your CTP sponsor. Just click on the “Downline” tab in CTP and you will find the name of your Sponsor here. Just click on the name and you will be taken to their home page where there is a button to send them a direct message.

I need help with CTP but my sponsor cannot help, where else can I go for help?
You are never far from getting help once you sign up to CTP. One great source of help is our Pure Chat, which has a live operator to help you with your questions.

That sounds great but does CTP offer any official support for members?
Yes it does. You can click on the “support” tab found in the footer of the CTP website and submit a support ticket with the details of the issue or problem you are having.

Is there any additional online training that I have access to as a CTP member?
Yes there is. TimTech (the people behind CTP) run a free daily webinar called Traffic Exchange Live on Monday thru Friday at 4pm Eastern. You can access these webinars here:

What are CTP login lessons?
These are some additional free training we have introduced for all members and are short training and/or motivational videos which are either done by TimTech or experienced members of CTP itself. The login lessons change weekly.

What is the CTP ‘daily history’ calendar for?
We encourage CTP members to log in and take action every day. The calendar acts as a handy visual reminder of the days you logged in – the dates on the calendar are shown in green when you have logged in and in red when you have not done so. As an incentive to log in regularly you are awarded ten tokens for each entire month that you log into CTP.

What are the red and blue keys I see at the top of the dashboard page when I login to CTP?
These keys unlock a special prize vault which you find when surfing at selected traffic exchanges. You need a red and a blue key to open the vault and they are found each time you surf 77 pages at the traffic exchange which contains them. Prizes you can include CTP goodies and cash. The traffic exchanges where the keys are found change on a regular basis (often daily) and your CTP dashboard page will always tell you where they can be found on any given day.

What are CTP trophies and how do I get them?
This is another part of the gamification of CTP. Each time you  complete a game card (which are changed on a regular basis) by finding special game pieces in traffic exchanges you are awarded a cool trophy and a CTP token for good measure.

What are CTP tokens?
These are the ‘currency’ within CTP and you can earn them by completing specific tasks, you can also win them or be gifted them by other CTP members and you can also buy tokens as well.

What are CTP goodies?     
Goodies are shown on your “goodies” page and are cool things you can buy with your CTP tokens. There are more goodies being added all the time so keep coming back to check out what you can get for your tokens. An example of CTP goodies are batteries which allow you earn more credit while surfing selected traffic exchanges.

What is ‘nerd surf’ all about?
Nerd surf is a way of rewarding you with extra credits for surfing at least four of the ‘nerd surf’ traffic exchanges at the same time. Combine this with using CTP batteries (see ‘What are CTP goodies?’ question above) to really boost the credits you earn while nerd surfing. You must enter your CTP username into each of the nerd surf traffic exchanges so that your extra credits can be tracked and awarded to you. You do this via the ‘nerd surf’ link in CTP.

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